As a little girl I grew up watching the Oscars and all the big award shows, dreaming of giving my own speech one day. My mom loved award season and passed this on and my sister and I got hooked at a very young age. We would give speeches with our hair brushes rightContinue reading

This Sunday is going to be a savory one! Take your taste buds for a spin and head over to Salt’s Cure for a rustic brunch at their new location. Brought to you by Chefs Chris Phelps and Zak Walters, this menu features some of their greatest breakfast/brunch hits like the 2x2x2, the oatmeal griddleContinue reading

I was at dinner with my family when the strangest exchange ensued, or should I say timely. We were talking about summer plans and everyone was saying where they would like their dream vacation to be. Out of the blue my daughter asked my husband “how old are you exactly Daddy?” causing the conversation toContinue reading

My patience for people standing on top of me in line is wearing thin. My patience for people cutting me off on the freeway is at zero. And my patience for telemarketers, well that’s been gone for years! You know what, let’s just say my patience for overall stupidity has been shot to hell andContinue reading

Happy New Year and Hello 2016! Let’s ease into the New Year with elegance, grace and an epic afternoon tea or brunch! In one of the most pristine and beautiful settings in Los Angeles you will find The Wolfgang Puck restaurant nestled within the hidden gardens of the Bel Air Hotel. Offering you and your little royalsContinue reading

New Years Day my daughter asked me a very poignant question, “Mom, what’s your New Years resolution?” My response was delayed, I really had to think about that. I know that we have all thought about this question, at some point, in a superficial way. We either wanted to be skinnier, richer, faster or smarter.Continue reading

Today was going to be a grind and I knew it. I could feel it from the moment my feet hit the floor in the morning. It was going to be one of those days. I had two choices – I could either choose to motivate or medicate, it was all up to me. TheseContinue reading

Faith & Flower is like no other! This hot spot has decorative elements reflecting the intersection of modernity and antiquity. It’s name pays homage to the two major renaissance periods – the 1920’s and modern day. The interior is by far one of the most impressive in Los Angeles with an eye-catching chandelier greeting youContinue reading