If you’re into sitting back on white sandy beaches, with blue skies above and a rum punch in hand this is the place for you. Half Moon Bay is truly the old crown Jewel of Jamaica. With over 60 years of history it resides in the parish of St James on the north coast of Jamaica.Continue reading

Home to Indianapolis’ first ModBar espresso machine, Milktooth boasts some of the best coffee around, along with a talented staff and dedicated baristas. This cozy and welcoming establishment serves up a flavorful menu packed with the freshest ingredients! Their local apple dutch baby pancakes, cranberry walnut & raclette grilled cheese and thick cut bacon smotheredContinue reading

Is it just me or is Valentine’s Day just a real pain in the ass? I feel so un-romantic saying it out loud, but it’s just another day, and this happens to be coming from someone who has a Valentine. The whole idea of feeling like there is one day of the year that weContinue reading

Take a drive on this beautiful Sunday to the beach for some savory brunch at Superba Food + Bread in Venice, CA! Their in-house bakery serves up some delectable baked goods and their menu has something for everyone. For brunch, give their avocado toast a whirl. Topped with pickled frescos, radish sprouts and cilantro, itContinue reading

Take the stress out of your Valentine’s Day shopping and spoil your better half with these fun finds! 1.Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears 2. Byredo 1996 Scented Candle 3. Precious Playlist Speaker 4. Michael Kors Ava Crossbody Bag 5. Hermes Apple Watch 6. Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil 1. Springdale Hybrid Bike 2. Fitz & Floyd 5-Piece Decanter Set 3. Crosley Radio USBContinue reading

Human nature is at best hilarious, but primarily our greatest teacher, don’t you think? People running around acting in dubious, self-serving ways, never thinking about their Karma, seems par for the course these days. So why when I was jacked for my parking space the other day was I so damn surprised? I felt stupid, conned,Continue reading