Faith & Flower

Faith & Flower is like no other! This hot spot has decorative elements reflecting the intersection of modernity and antiquity. It’s name pays homage to the two major renaissance periods – the 1920’s and modern day. The interior is by far one of the most impressive in Los Angeles with an eye-catching chandelier greeting you as you walk into their beautiful, spacious dining room. Their sleek bar to the left is decorated with a mural from street artist Robert Vargas. This place is like a movie set combining the Great Gatsby, old Hollywood glamour, and maybe throw in a little Moulin Rouge.
Faith & Flower’sย Modern California rustic cuisine with mixology and in-house dessert teams you can have a whole lotta faith in! There is not one thing on the menu that is not a stand out dish!
I went for the popularย eggs benedict pizza. It’s ingredients are smoked bacon, fresh spinach on a perfect crust, topped with a deliciouslyย poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Honestly, it is better that a real eggs benedict and definitely lives up to its reputation. The Malted Waffles are to die for and the greek yogurt panna cotta is a savoryย delight to top it all off.

Dinner is amazing as well, and if you are in the mood come then end your meal then you must order some absinthe with a side of entertainment. David Bernahl’s other restaurant in Monterey, 1833, is famous for their absinthe cart and they’ll be bringing it out here as well. Before the cart arrives you can still get absinthe served Russian style and then poured over Root Beer. The way it is served is quite a spectacle, set on fire and all!

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