If it really is true that beauty can transform one’s soul, then I say your next stop should be Mallorca. Being the largest of the Balearic Islands in Spain and located in the Mediterranean, Mallorca boasts turquoise-blue water, soft golden sands, secret sparkling coves and lush greenery. The vistas alone are more than youContinue reading

  If you’re into sitting back on white sandy beaches, with blue skies above and a rum punch in hand this is the place for you. Half Moon Bay is truly the old crown Jewel of Jamaica. With over 60 years of historyΒ it residesΒ in the parish of St James on the north coast of Jamaica.Continue reading

The beach is always better! Β I fell in love with St. Martin in 1999 and it has since become my favorite place in the Caribbean. St. Martin infuses the multiple cultures of the French, the Dutch, and Island life the best! St. Martin is an island small in size, spanning 33 miles all the wayContinue reading

One could say the sun really does shine brighter in the Mediterranean and that St. Tropez is the heart of the French Riviera. Maybe that’s just the effect of the chilled rosΓ© going to your head while enjoying long leisurely lunches at Club 55, Bagatelle, or Aquoi Plage. OR one could argue that it wasContinue reading

On a pristine 8 mile stretch of Mexico’s Pacific shore between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta, the Brignone family has created a whimsical Escape overflowing with art, architecture, a world class polo club and their own glamorous vision for an idealized community. Careyes is surrounded by the Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve, a 32,000-acre wilderness that teems withContinue reading

Holly Moms, I’ve got one for you. It’s time to get your adventure on! In style, of course. I’m talking about glamping with your family. It dawned on me with summer around the corner, that, I have not planned a fucking thing!!! Oops, that’s another dollar in the swear jar. This weeks MYVIBE has gotContinue reading