Every time Christmas rolls around I wonder if I should have the talk with my children to tell them who their real Santa is. I mean, the wrong man has been getting the credit for being their benefactor for far to long. I’d like a little of that credit, too. All of those late Christmas EveContinue reading

Why is it that we as women sit in the middle of our closets, and bedrooms, with piles of clothes around us and not a thing to wear? I feel like a lot of shopping goes on and yet there is never anything to put on. The only outfit I’m ever really sure of isContinue reading

Recently my girlfriend and I had a night on the town. We decided to get dressed up and go to a fancy affair. This was a big step, seeing as our idea of girls night is sushi and jeans – if we make it out at all. So once we were out and in theContinue reading

Not to be totally paranoid, but I think the Holiday season is causing me to be predisposed to some kind of anxiety disorder. I mean, Christmas music before Thanksgiving really sends me into a tailspin! Not to mention that I have been seeing hints of holiday cheer since September. I mean, can I have aContinue reading

The other day I went to the gym for the first time in, dare I say, 2015. When I arrived I could not believe all the people I ran into that I had not seen in ages. I guess that’s where “they” (the physically enlightened) have been hiding. Since this is the place I goContinue reading

  Do you ever wonder why we do certain things and end up in questionable places that seem to take us off course? Today, was one of those days. I was thrown off task by a last minute interview that my agent had scheduled and was fairly insistent I make. Since this is not myContinue reading

As women we are a very different species when it comes to dealing with emotions, obstacles or anything we see as standing in our way or threatening. We are highly intuitive creatures which can serve us well as the spiritual leaders of our own families. However having these highly developed senses can lead to aContinue reading

Lately I’ve been going through an awakened journey of self discovery. A place of trying to find my own personal success and understand what that really means, and how it’s connected to my happiness. It’s astonishing how powerful we are when we raise the stakes of our lives by going within. Knowing that we areContinue reading

I’ll start with this little news flash – flying isn’t what it used to be. I mean back in the 70’s, 80’s and even the 90’s, at least from the movies I’ve seen, you used to be able to board an airplane with an acceptable amount of weed hidden underneath your fur coat. Now I knowContinue reading

It’s so funny how we, as adults, project all of these rituals and sometimes funny behaviors on our children, or is it not? Last week I had the pleasure of seeing my son all dressed up in a suit when I took him to his first cotillion class. It was an optional activity that is supposedContinue reading