Dear Sketchy, WTF is right. I don’t really even understand this question. If you had said the same guy another day and time I might understand but he slept with you and your friend the same day? I say that you are running in the wrong circles and you need to go get an STDContinue reading

Distant Lover, I’m not really a fan of long distance relationships for any length of time. That being said, it happens. In these cases my suggestion has always been the two week rule. Someone has got to suck it up and make the trip after two weeks. If you don’t water your own lawn, somebody else will!Continue reading

You really strike a nerve with me here. This is one of my pet peeves and my husband has done this a few times. Although the ladies he’s compared me to are lovely and very pretty, I feel like he’s saying I look old. I don’t think he really means that, but, I take itContinue reading

You may not like my advice very much because it’s to “Run Forest, Run!” What are you stupid? A man who would leave you so frivolously, and be so reckless with your love, doesn’t ever deserve you back. However you must remain civil for the sake of your child, so keep it polite and tellContinue reading

Who knows how long before the sexual energy fades, the point is that it will. If that’s all you have in common eventually you’ll get bored. As long as no one is married, enjoy it while it lasts. Just know that while you are feeling carnivorous you could be blocking and taking up time andContinue reading

You don’t mention if you are married or just dating. To me, it’s very cut and dry. You’re either married or you’re not. If you’re married, yes, you should consider it par for the course and look, but don’t touch. Boredom from time to time is normal. Role play with your spouse, or fantasize aboutContinue reading

Hummmm. This is a tough one because we all parent differently. When we see something crazy going on in public I know it’s hard to shut our mouths. However, I’ve learned from experience that people do not like to hear about their kids doing something wrong, nor do they take kindly to advice about theirContinue reading

This sounds problematic for you and those you go out with. If you’re feeling embarrassed, I imagine they are just as uncomfortable. I always think to try honesty first in a situation like this. If you and your husband are close, and it sounds like you are, tell him. Straight up, conversation is always theContinue reading

I too have children of the impressionable social media age. Although, I know it’s difficult to stick to your guns, I feel we must. I have talked to several educators and counselors about this and their advice is to keep them off, at least until high school age and then monitor very carefully. There isContinue reading

I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself. If that’s not your orientation or something you want to explore that’s fine. I’d deal with this issue the same way I’d deal with a friend that’s gay. Sex is off the table. You wouldn’t sit around and have your friend make advances at you. It just wouldn’t come up. Your friendshipContinue reading