I never think this is a good idea. Most people are in denial when they have bad ass kids and that’s why they get defensive. I only have one rule about it and that is, if you are in my house you play by my rules. If I am not allowed to discipline your childContinue reading

I don’t know that you should. I know it’s been said a million times, but I feel that may be the end of the friendship as you know it. Once you cross that line you will change the nature of that relationship forever, for better or worse. Let him lead. Try putting him in situationsContinue reading

Don’t let fear paralyze you, girl. They say dating is like riding a bike. Just get out there and be open to meeting new people. However the one rule I have is that if you have kids you must keep them out f it. They are not interested in meeting your suitors and you shouldn’t wantContinue reading

Well, of course the obvious! Do what feels good – exercise and eat right. I personally truly find that I’m most comfortable in my own skin when I feel a sense of accomplishment. It takes the focus off my looks and puts it on my actions, moving me forward with my goals. Eye on theContinue reading

Hit them where it counts, their pocket. That’s what I do. Your time is precious and they need to know that. Time is money so charge them for every minute they keep you waiting. I do a dollar for every 15 minutes. I promise, if they have to give up their hard earned allowance orContinue reading

If you think about it too hard you will scare yourself into being a technophobe. There is so much of our information out there, and believe me BIG BROTHER is watching. Be cautious, tread lightly, but don’t let it shy you away from enjoying the internet and sharing photos with friends and family. We haveContinue reading

I feel you on this one. I’d be uneasy too, but I think the best thing to do is not over react. Play it cool and let her volunteer all the information. At this age it’s really more of a crush, or the newness of discovering boys for the first time. In my opinion, nothingContinue reading

Midwestern Mama, I know that it is tough to raise kids, run carpool, cook, clean and stay looking fabulous, but you must. Organization and prioritizing for us moms is critical for our own insanity. I suggest that you break everything down by days. Get that calendar up to date, and there are great meal plansContinue reading

This sounds suspicious to me. If after 10 dates a man is truly dropping off the face of the earth, I’d worry that he’s living a double life. Do you know where he lives? Have you ever been to his place? These are questions you should be asking yourself. Any man disappearing for months hasContinue reading

Role play and, I hate to sound predictable but, porn. If you and your partner lack imagination in the bedroom there’s nothing wrong with mimicking the experts. It beats a blank.   Hollymom