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My Kaftan Crush continues with the chic brand Anna Vese and its Founder, Brittany Sommerville. I am obsessed with these looks and want to throw them all in my weekend getaway bag, never saying good bye to summer!!! This east coast native, now living in Los Angeles, shares with us how she fuses the Eastern and Western worlds of fashion with her travels around India and many years of experience in the Bollywood industry as a fashion stylist. Brittany has creatively meshed all of these wonderful aspects to bring us ANNA VESE  and Anna by Anna Vese! This brands global influence is the essence of love, travel, family, and elegance. So, ladies ,now that you’ve got the scoop, let’s get shopping because these Kaftans are going fast. Tell your friends and share the love. For one day only, compliments of Anna Vese, you can use promocode: ONEFINEDAY30 for a 30% discount towards your purchase. Don’t forget, in order to qualify you must subscribe to and follow Anna Vese on Instagram. Happy summer shopping, Hollymoms!

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KRISTEN BELLAMY: How did the company begin, was there a main idea? How old is the Anna Vese brand?

BRITTANY SOMERVILLE: The idea came from my travels around India. I’m so fascinated with Indian culture; food, clothing… EVERYTHING!  For years I’ve been getting traditional indian outfits made for special events.  It wasn’t until January 2014 that it occurred to me, aside from resort wear,  traditional kaftans have no real presence in the western fashion world.  What was once a staple in the closets of old Hollywood legends (such as; Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Bisset, Princess Grace Kelly, etc) is no longer existent.


KB: Tell us your inspiration for the name?

BS: The name ANNA VESE comes from my grandmother, Anna Genovese.  I feel fortunate that I’m able to travel the world.   My grandmother never was given offered those chances.  She married young and my grandfather had a debilitating fear of flying.  She has vicariously lived through me my whole adult life.  This was my way of taking her everywhere with me.

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KB: Why Kaftans? How many collections have you had to date?

BS: Kaftans are sophisticated.  They make a women feel effortlessly elegant.  I have released 2 collections to-date.

KB: Where do you do your production? And why?

BS: I do all my production in India because they’re unmatched when it comes to the art of hand embroideries.


KB: Do you believe in trends?

BS: Sure.  I feel like the word “trending” or “trend” has such a negative space surrounding it.  If a look is “trending” it means the product is current.  Fashion is always evolving so it’s inevitable to have new stlyes that are relevant to the present?

KB: Does Anna Vese have anything for SS16 in the works?

BS: Peacocks and feathers.  Stay tuned.


KB: Who would be your ideal customer?

BS: Our current customer ranges from women 25 – 65 years old, and have a desire to feel classy and comfortable.

KB: Are you International? You mentioned London, India, Paris?

BS: We ship across the globe, and hold a strong presence in India, Europe and the U.S.. with more countries to come.

KB: Inspiration of Hollywood? How does that play a role in your designs?

BS: Old Hollywood glamour has always been very appealing to me.  All of our fits and embroideries are inspired by 60‘s and 70‘s fashion and art.


KB: Favorite color? Season? Icon?

BS: Black (in fashion it’s a color).  Spring.  Brigitte Bardot.

KB: Where can our subscribers buy Anna Vese?

BS: ANNA VESE kaftans can be found in various boutiques in Los Angeles as well as online at


KB: Are the Kaftans made to order?

BS: All orders off our website are made-to-order with a quick turn around.

KB: Where do you source your fabrics?

BS: Our silks are sourced from L.A.’s finest fabric showrooms coming from India.

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